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About Theo

Theo Yang Copley is a graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine and has a Master's level diploma in Acupuncture. She treats people with a wide range of issues from acute injuries to chronic conditions, and brings a personal  interest in helping people with chronic and degenerative conditions through acupuncture and nutrition.

Beyond her degree in Acupuncture, Theo has studied alternative medicine and acupuncture extensively, including Weston Price nutrition and Chinese medicine nutrition theory. She has attended numerous classes with Jeffrey Yuen, Taoist doctor and priest is the 88th generation of his Taoist lineage: Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai, (Jade Purity School, Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu sect.) Through sharing the teachings from his family lineage, Jeffrey has brought tremendous insights in to the practice of acupuncture before the 20th century.

Theo has also studied with Ann Cecil-Sterman, author of "Advanced Acupuncture: A Clinic Manual," and "The Art of Pulse Diagnosis." Through her books, Ann has made Jeffrey’s knowledge of the treatment of the 68 channels of acupuncture available to practitioners internationally. Theo practices pulse diagnosis and treatment of all the channels, including the Sinew channels, Luo vessels, Divergent channels and Eight Extraordinary vessels.

Before opening her practice Theo worked as a non-profit consultant and facilitator. She attended Oberlin College. She is Chinese American and mixed-race, and the logo for Boone Classical Wellness is the Chinese character for her middle name, "willow tree." 

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